January 20, 2015

About Us

K.G. Johnson–Writer      

Hey, Critter Kids! Leader here.

I want to introduce you to someone. K.G. Johnson. She wrote down all the amazing adventures of Team BAARF (Band of Amazingly Awesome Rodent Friends) and she has loved critters for forever. It started with rabbits, but then she wised up and discovered that squirrels are the best. (Leader, don’t get cocky. All critters are awesome.) Yeah, okay. All critters are awesome … sort of.

Anyway, here are some fun facts about her:

*Favorite nut-cashew

*Favorite popcorn flavor-Caramel, even though I say snickerdoodle is better.

*Favorite staring out the window activity–Watching the squirrels in her backyard.

*Favorite place to live–The Portland, Oregon area. Which is home to 5 different kinds of squirrels: the Northern Flying Squirrel, California Ground Squirrel, Douglas Squirrel, Townsend’s chipmunk, and of course, the Western Gray Squirrel, like me.

*Favorite outdoor thing to do–Hiking.

*Favorite critters that live in her house–One husband, two girls, and two cats.

*Favorite indoor things to do–Acting, singing, and dreaming up the crazy adventures of an amazing team of superhero squirrels with their supremely handsome leader. (Leader!) Well, I am.

*Favorite kind of email to get–She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line anytime. Tell her Leader sent you!